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Roundup of 2019

Randall Writing has just celebrated its second birthday! I love doing this because a supportive community of readers has developed around the site, and over the past year we’ve grown a great deal. There’s been two and a half times more website traffic in 2019 than in 2018 – so thank you to those of…

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Final Season of the UK

Final season of the United Kingdom set to begin The stage is set for a cataclysmic finale to the long-running saga of an island kingdom torn apart by vicious faction fighting. Fans admitted that their feelings were “bittersweet” as they face the prospect of finally knowing what happens at the end of the United Kingdom.


For a couple of years, my main source of income was private tutoring, mainly children between the ages of eight and eleven. (This was just before the immortality project.) Today I went through all my old Facebook posts and tutoring doodles, and here are the best ones:   My tutee was restless today. At one point…

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Roundup of the Year

On this day one year ago, I published my first Randall Writing post. Since then, I’ve been busy adding more content, so here’s a roundup of what’s occurred in the first twelve months of Randall Writing:

The Perfect Rejection

Like everyone else, I’ve had many embarrassing attempts at dating, some via Tinder, some not. About eighteen months ago, I resorted to Facebook Messenger – a slightly humiliating medium, but whatever – to tell a university acquaintance that I had feelings for her. She replied fifteen minutes later, with such an exquisitely balanced message that I…

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