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What happens if you cross lines from The Wire with scenes from Game of Thrones? A Song of Ice and Wire, that’s what.

This article contains spoilers for all eight seasons of Game of Thrones. The pictures are grouped according to seasons of The Wire, so people currently watching The Wire should be able to avoid spoilers.

The Wire: Season 1

Ice and Wire 1

Ice and Wire 2

Ice and Wire 3

I actually wrote a whole article about Dolorous Edd.

Ice and Wire 4

Ice and Wire 5

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The Wire: Season 2


This is one of my favourite comedic moments in The Wire re-watch it here.

Ice and Wire 7

Ice and Wire 8

Ice and Wire 9

Sorry it had to go down like this baby

Arya as Brother Mouzone

Arya is basically Brother Mouzone. Actually, Arya guarding the Barksdale territory is a crossover I would love to see.

Business, always business

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The Wire: Season 3

Ice and Wire 12

“You are very soon going to see low and moderately-priced housing built in its place.”

Ice and Wire 13

This is the other best interrogation scene in The Wire: Cheese’s confession about his dog.

Ice and Wire 14

When coming up with Ice And Wire, I briefly experimented with speech bubbles.

Ice and Wire 15

Ice and Wire 16

Ice and Wire 17

Ice and Wire 18

This former slave missed his life as a slave that Daenerys had taken away from him. Major Colvin would have sympathised with her frustration.

Ice and Wire 19

Ice and Wire 20

An alternative caption for this one was, “You see now, Tywin, I need you to resist your natural inclination to do anything twisted up in this here play.”

The Wire: Season 4

Daenerys as Carcetti appeals to me for some reason. They both wish their subjects would stop producing problems and just let themselves be ruled properly.

Lyanna Mormont and Kenard actually work pretty well as parallels…

Was this the saddest death in The Wire? It’s definitely the saddest death in Ice And Wire.

The Wire: Season 5

Roose Bolton and Prop Joe both made the same mistake: thinking the mad dog would make a good protege.

A quote from Game of Thrones for a change!

Margaery and Tommen’s time, like Cheese’s time, didn’t last for terribly long…

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