Captioned Cartoons

I’ve always been a huge fan of captioned cartoons – by people like  James Thurber, Roz Chast and Edward Steed – but I’ve never been particularly good at the jokes. About once a month for my whole life, I’ll have a sudden idea and rush away to draw it… and the first person who sees it usually looks at it blankly and says “I don’t get it.” But I’m getting better, and I finally have a small collection that I quite like, so here they are:

As for topical or political cartoons, that’s a whole different challenge which I haven’t even attempted here.

These cartoons take ages to draw, and then the joke either lands instantly or doesn’t work – it’s a really tricky medium to get right.

I only noticed yesterday that there’s a definite historical – particularly ancient-historical – theme going on; it wasn’t a conscious thing!

I’m experimenting with the touches of colour. Maybe I should do a bit more of them.

And here are two cartoons which I posted more than a year ago when they didn’t really have a home of their own. I thought I’d put them here because it’s the right place for them:

It took me years, but I’ve finally found other kinds of cartoons that come to me more naturally. So these days I’m busy with my wedding cartoons, commissioned sketches and stories with drawings. But captioned cartoons are still one of my favourite things in the world.


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    • Thank you very much! Try my Stories With Drawings section if you enjoyed these – a bit different but I think the humour is similar

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