Commissioned Cartoons

Here are a few of the cartoons I’ve recently been asked to do!

This one was commissioned by someone who wanted to give it as a wedding gift, because she had seen a series of cartoons I’d done for a previous wedding present. I was asked to draw the moment the groom proposed to his girlfriend, just after she got back from a run. I worked off photos to figure out how to draw them in neutral situations, and once I’d captured them as “characters,” I could focus on their emotions as I did the final drawing.

Then a web developer in Canada got in touch and asked me to draw some cartoons for his new blog post about his career journey. It was fun to gradually age the character of a man I’d never met, based on two photos of him in the present day. “You don’t realise how close they are to reality,” he told me when he saw them… which is intriguing.

I drew this next one as a surprise birthday present for Josie Robson, commissioned by one of her daughters.

The Robson family

My grandmother absolutely adores Roger Federer, so she asked me to draw him for her birthday. Does this count as a commission? I’m going to count it.

This final picture definitely doesn’t count as a commission, but I don’t do enough “joke” cartoons to justify a separate post. So I guess it can be a bonus cartoon instead:

Hire Me! (Or At Least Think About It)

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