April cartoon batch 2

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Here are some more of my recent cartoon commissions! You can check out the first batch here and the third batch here.

For this one, I was told a hilarious family anecdote about a night-time car journey near Glastonbury. It’s one of those stories that I’m sure means more to the family in the picture than to people who don’t know the story!


And another anecdote: this two-panel cartoon was commissioned for someone’s thirtieth birthday, to remind him of the time he won a fight in a chip shop. Randall Writing does not condone violence but, if paid, will draw it.

And here it is in its frame:


A beloved dog, commissioned by the son of the dog’s owners:


Up next – a leaving gift from some colleagues (which was, I’m told, “the best present she has ever received”). I’m not going to lie, this one was one of the most complicated and specific set of instructions I’ve ever been given: five drawings and six verses of poetry. But, after some careful thinking, I squeezed it all in. If you think it all fits together nice and easily, don’t be fooled. I worked hard on it.


I drew this whale cartoon just for fun, but as soon as I put it on Instagram I got a DM from a follower asking if he could buy it. So it’s a sale, if not an actual commission per se. (If you enjoy it, you can find more on my page for Captioned Cartoons!)


There are about two dozen references in this birthday gift (more like forty, if you count each of the guide books as a separate reference). It’s a challenge to cram them all in, but the end result is that much more personal.


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If you want to hire me to gift a framed cartoon, please just get in touch! Tell me who I should draw; think of a funny memory or something they love; and I’ll do the rest…

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