April cartoon batch 3

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Following from April cartoon batch 1 and April cartoon batch 2, here are some more of my recent commissions!

To start off, here’s a recreation of a bear sighting in Yosemite. Apparently there were so many great dogs on the trail that the bear caught them off-guard.


Next up: two cartoons commissioned by two proud new godparents (who are none other than Max and Alysha)! Here is Alysha’s godson in Nunhead Cemetery…

…And Max’s godson in Battersea Park.

Here’s what this one looks like in its frame, which I source from a local independent framers.


I also drew jockey Rex Dingle for his birthday, commemorating his exciting victory at the 2020 Cheltenham Races in which he came from the very back to win at the last moment (watch it here).


The other day I was commissioned to draw a quick cartoon of some workmen trying to repair a plane in flight. Apparently it was needed to illustrate a point in a presentation about the challenges of fixing something while it’s already in motion. It was a very tight turnaround but a fun change of pace.


And here’s another birthday present! This one was for the relay-running, long-jumping, saxophone-playing Paul.

And again, this is what it looks like in its frame!


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If you want to hire me to gift a framed cartoon, please just get in touch! Tell me who I should draw; think of a funny memory or something they love; and I’ll do the rest…

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