Max and Alysha

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In my role as a wedding cartoonist, I was commissioned to draw a series of cartoons for the wedding of two people called Max and Alysha. I don’t know them, but two of their friends sent me all the information I needed. I was given descriptions of eight defining moments in their relationship, and a list of in-jokes to include.

Max and Alysha met at Manchester University in 2008. Owens Park was their accommodation block.

Their relationship began on a holiday to Magaluf. Everyone on the trip was wearing tutus. Apparently it wasn’t the most glamorous of beginnings.

The first time Max met Alysha’s mum in Bristol, the three of them somehow ended up playing the drinking game Ring of Fire together…

They live in Tooting, hailed by a questionable Lonely Planet article as one of the coolest neighbourhoods on earth.

Max’s family has a lurcher called Luca. Pretty self-explanatory…

Max and Alysha went on holiday to Vietnam with the friends who had commissioned the cartoons. They all wore the kind of very loud shirts that you can only get away with on holiday.

This was my favourite story. Max and Alysha were in Margate when England beat Sweden 2-0 in the quarter-finals of the 2018 Football World Cup. They watched the match in a pub they had been warned not to go to because it was too rough. In the post-match euphoria, Max and Alysha headed for the beach with the rest of the “rough pub crowd.” Max was so happy he proposed, and the onlookers from the pub absolutely loved it.

And here they are on their wedding day in France… Their friends presented the cartoons to them on the day as a surprise.

I am, of course, available for hire – check out my cartoons at a wedding in Oxfordshire and my drawings at a Jesuit charity gala. You can hire me for your own event, or you can give my cartoons as a gift, like they were given to Max and Alysha. I can either attend the event and draw the cartoons there, or – if you give me enough information – I can do what I did for Max and Alysha, and draw the pictures in advance. I can draw one-off cartoons or a series of pictures, whichever you would like!

If you would like me to draw for you, get in touch!

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