May Bank Holiday

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For the bank holiday, Charlotte hosted a group of us in Exmoor. Everyone got very excited on the first night when we saw what can only be described as a space-train flying through the night sky above us. It sailed among the stars, glowing with a faint white light, and filling us with panic and alarm. Was it ghosts? Was it aliens? Was it a really weird meteor shower? (We found out two days later that it was Elon Musk.)

Space Train

We spent the weekend playing lots of games. In the evenings, we got really into tense, atmospheric sessions of Mafia.


There were outdoorsy games too. My frisbee skills were embarrassingly woeful, not helped by the fact that we were playing on a steep, damp grassy hillside.

Frisbee fail

Meanwhile, during a game of forty-forty, Edith tried to escape by scaling a barn roof. Her foot crashed right through it, nearly taking out Tia who was hiding in the barn. (We caught them both quite quickly after that.)

Through the barn roof

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