The McCarthys at Christmas

A family called the McCarthys commissioned me to visit their house on Christmas Eve and spend a couple of hours sketching them. This was the first time I’ve been commissioned to do live-sketching that wasn’t at an event, and I enjoyed it a lot!

The younger daughter had got her hands covered in blue paint while preparing a Christmas present. You maybe had to be there.

I was actually sitting on the loo for this drawing, as Mrs McCarthy and her daughter simulated their daily morning chat in the bathroom before school. I think we all found it a little bit surreal.

Mr McCarthy has just told his elder daughter, a vegetarian, about the gizzards and lamb heart that are going to go into the Christmas stock.

A reminder that while I mainly draw at weddings like this one, I have done other events (such as the time I ended up at a Jesuit charity gala) and I can also be hired for non-live drawings such as this wedding gift. And now I guess I do a drop-in service as well!

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