Roundup of the Year

On this day one year ago, I published my first Randall Writing post. Since then, I’ve been busy adding more content, so here’s a roundup of what’s occurred in the first twelve months of Randall Writing:

Andes Accidents

My time in South America in 2017 involved multiple hospitalisations and attempted thefts, one successful theft, a missed flight and an earthquake. I told the story in four posts:

Part One: The Curse

Part Two: Death Road

Part Three: Peruvian Perils

Part Four: The Hazards of Ecuador

Randall Writing - Sarah in the Andes

There’s also a post about a traumatic Ecuadorian spa experience.

Illustrated Stories

The Ecuadorian spa story is one of several Randall Writing posts combining storytelling and cartoons. These are some of my favourites, so there are definitely more to come:Randall Writing - Stonehenge


The Immortality Project

Singles Night

Hostel Staff



Other True Stories from Randall Writing

These three stories didn’t need cartoons – they were bizarre enough on their own.

My Ridiculous Tinder Date

The Badger Story

Sort-of-Kidnapped by a Chinese Billionaire

Randall Writing: Greece stock photo

The Vegan Conspiracy

My hard-hitting journalism uncovered the shocking truth behind some of history’s most legendary TV shows. I’m going to be honest, it was all fun and games until I got to The Sopranos, and then I started to convince myself that I was onto something:

Game of Thrones’s Hidden Vegan Agenda

The Wire’s Hidden Vegan Agenda

Breaking Bad’s Hidden Vegan Agenda

The Hidden Vegan Agenda of the Sopranos

Randall Writing: The Sopranos and the Vegan Agenda

(I also offered some brutal truths about the message of The Wire Season One, and everything wrong with Mamma Mia 2.)


I drew cartoons of Edith, Nick, Charlotte, Milly, Anna and my dog.

Randall Writing: Anna and Gosia

I got political, with cartoons about North Korea, the White House and Theresa May.

I also got very non-political, with cartoons of carrier pigeons, a man who cannot be silent, the time I dramatically fainted and my regular dose of horrible guilt.

Plus I illustrated my favourite pun in the world.

And finally – Rejection

I celebrated rejection in all its forms, both romantic and professional:

The Perfect Rejection

Literary Agents

Randall Writing: Rejection

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