Wedding Cartoonist

I work freelance as a wedding cartoonist! (I do other events and illustration services too – see below.)

I offer a fun and novel service, working during the wedding to create a tangible gift for the bride and groom: a sketchbook of cartoons, to remind them of their wedding day in a unique and humorous way. I produce twelve high-quality cartoons over the course of the day itself, and then I give the sketchbook to the happy couple there and then.

Wedding Cartoonist - Rose and Dave

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This is the standard package, and I am happy to either be hired by the bride and groom or gifted to the bride and groom as a wedding gift. I also offer alternative services:

  • Non-wedding events such as parties, which is basically exactly the same package (example here)
  • Pre-drawn cartoons, instead of attending the wedding (example here)
  • Any other commissioned cartoons, whether or not they are related to weddings/events (examples here)

These quirky sketchbooks are unlike anything else available. They give the bride and groom a chance to commemorate their wedding in a way that is a bit special and different.

I am not a caricaturist – I aim to capture moments and atmosphere, not specific people (except for the bride and groom), so it’s all about what catches my eye on the day. The best way to think of me is as a traditional wedding photographer – except I produce cartoons instead of photographs.

Photo by Colin D Miller Photography
Photo by Colin D Miller Photography

I don’t know anyone else who calls themselves a wedding cartoonist, except for caricaturists who are offering something different. If you google “Wedding Cartoonist,” you will get a long list of caricaturists, and nobody who does what I do. So if you (or anyone you know) want a wedding cartoonist, I’m your guy, because I think I’m the only one…

Wedding cartoonist - greeting the guests

If the wedding celebrations go on for more than one day, I can draw more than twelve cartoons. These drawings are all taken from my first sketchbook as a wedding cartoonist – at the wedding of my friend (and singer-songwriter) Rose to her husband Dave. I drew seventeen cartoons for them, finishing at lunchtime on the second day. As you can see, it was a fabulous, nature-oriented wedding. It’s my job to convey what’s special about the character of each occasion.

See more cartoons from Rose and Dave’s wedding

In the UK, my standard rate is £400, plus any travel expenses in excess of £50. I am happy to travel, and I have experience in other kinds of events as well as weddings. Message me – I would love to hear from you!


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