Final Season of the UK

Final season of the United Kingdom set to begin

The stage is set for a cataclysmic finale to the long-running saga of an island kingdom torn apart by vicious faction fighting. Fans admitted that their feelings were “bittersweet” as they face the prospect of finally knowing what happens at the end of the United Kingdom.

Sansa and Sturgeon

“It’s going to be a bloodbath,” said one observer. “The United Kingdom has always been known for its shocking violence – that’s what made it so successful in the first place, when it took the world by storm. Now all the plots are running out of steam, and the woman theoretically in charge is sitting in the capital, looking ever more isolated and obsessive. It’s all going to go down in flames, and watchers from around the world will love it.”

Some people admitted they’d lost track of all the plot developments. “Brexit negotiations, indicative votes, something sinister about white people mustering forces again in the north – it got too complicated for me to follow,” said one. “But it’s still absolutely riveting. I never thought I’d get so into watching the unravelling of medieval governmental procedure, as everything goes to shit across the entire kingdom!”

No happy endings

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