Glasses Disasters

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I am extremely short-sighted: without my glasses, I am in a lot of trouble. And everyone who wears glasses knows the fear of something disastrous happening to them and ruining your whole week…

Things that have befallen my glasses

I have no idea what I was angry about. All I know is, we searched that hillside thoroughly but the glasses were never seen again.

Kayak glasses disaster

We were on a school trip to Wales, and our teacher was having way too much fun. He wouldn’t listen to the local instructors and he kept splashing the other children on the river. I was one of the two kids in his kayak, and he used us as accomplices as he went more and more rogue. Eventually, to punish the teacher, the instructors capsized us… and then couldn’t find my glasses at the bottom of the river. I coped until the end of the trip, but the archery lesson the next day was rather wasted on me.

Christoph and Wylie

The friend on the right is Christoph, who was also in the overturned kayak. Maybe he’s bad luck for my glasses.

Rollercoaster glasses

Somehow, miraculously, my glasses actually survived this one. My friend helped me search for a bit, but he had a pressing engagement so he left me there. Meanwhile, the rollercoaster staff told me I had to wait until 5pm before they could help. So I sat there, blind as a bat and thoroughly miserable, for a couple of hours; then they brought me a box of smashed, mangled glasses that they had retrieved from under the rollercoaster. Just as I was concluding that none of them were mine, a man appeared in front of me as if from nowhere, handed me my glasses and vanished again. They were completely unharmed, and it was one of the best feelings of my whole life.

Alice disapproves of my glasses

Thanks, Alice…


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