The Hurlingham Club

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Since I’m not out and about drawing at the moment, I’ve dug up some cartoons I drew twelve months ago at the Hurlingham Club in south-west London.

Hurlingham Club dolphin fountain

I use the Hurlingham Club a lot, for work (as per this older cartoon) and leisure. It’s a beautiful place. I’ve been coming here, and admiring the dolphin fountain, since I was the same size as these kids.

Reminder that I’m available for hire as a cartoonist – at events, or for personal commissions. Here are cartoons from the Imperial Winter Ball, the last event I drew before coronavirus struck, and here are some recent commissions.

Anyway, back to the Hurlingham Club…

Hurlingham Club bar

I once randomly fainted in this bar. I drew a picture of it.

At the moment I’m cooped up at home like everyone else, and I’m very much looking forward to the next time I can use the Hurlingham Club study space for a change of work environment.

This is the conservatory. I remember starting the drawing and then realising that the wicker furniture and all the window panes were going to take ages to draw. But plants are always fun, especially tropical ones.

This cartoon, actually, got me a job. The lady reading the newspaper hired me on the spot, and you can see the results here.

Hurlingham Club indoor pool

If you have any cartoon requests for me, now would be a good time to ask me. I’ve got some extra time on my hands!

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