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I draw cartoons at events – but how does this work? Here’s a simple three-step explanation!

1. I turn up to your event

Get in touch to make a booking. I’m happy to draw cartoons at all kinds of events. I market myself mainly as a wedding cartoonist, but I love drawing other events as well – it gives me a bit of variety!

cartoons at events - setting up

We can chat through what your requirements are: how long you’d like me at the event, specific things you’d like me to draw, etc. And as well as cartoons at events, I can be hired for other cartoon jobs as well: for example, here are some commissioned cartoons, and some family portraits.

I’m based in London, but happy to travel anywhere you like. If it’s more than an hour or two from London, I’ll ask for travel expenses – but I would be interested in jobs anywhere in the UK and beyond.

2. I fill a sketchbook with cartoons

The way I work is similar to a photographer: I hang around discreetly, drawing whatever catches my eye. If you’d like me to sketch something in particular at your event, it makes my life a tiny bit easier, so I’m happy to hear your requests!

cartoons at events - dinner

Each drawing takes up to half an hour. This means I can’t work as a caricaturist, drawing every guest – it would simply take too long. Of course, when I’m drawing cartoons at weddings, I make sure that I get several nice drawings of the couple. And if there are particular people you’d like me to draw, just point them out! If I’m doing a portrait of someone, I only need them in front of me for a couple of minutes while I draw their face; then they can wander off while I fill in the details.

My cartoons at events normally creates a bit of buzz: people enjoy looking over my shoulder and spotting themselves or their friends. Guests appreciate my cartoons as something fun and different. This creates an enjoyable atmosphere for me to work in!

Picture courtesy of Colin D Miller Photography

I’m happy to bring my own food and drink – whatever suits you best. You’re also welcome to ask in advance for particular ink colours, or touches of colour. If you don’t specify, my default is black ink.

3. I give you the sketchbook straight away

No waiting around for my sketchbook – I give it to you before I leave at the end of the event!

The number of cartoons, of course, depends on how long I’m at the event for (as we’ll have discussed at the booking stage). The average is around ten. For an all-day event, of course, there will be more than that.

cartoons at events - happy couple

The cartoons are yours to do what you like with. You can get them framed, or printed as thank-you cards (I might be able to help with finding a framer or printer); or you can keep the sketchbook on the shelf beside your photo album as a special set of memories for you to treasure.

Every set of my cartoons is unique. I try to fill them with the event’s unique personality. It’s a distinctive, quirky way of remembering your event, and of capturing the sense of fun and laughter of the big day.

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