April cartoon batch 1

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For the past few months I’ve been busy with a fair few cartoon commissions: Christmas presents, birthday presents and so on. I’m definitely overdue to post a bunch of them! (I’ve split them into three groups. You can view the second batch here and the third batch here.)

This first one was especially fun to draw, because the costumes were so distinctive and colourful. It was commissioned by the musical director of a pantomime as a thank-you for the cast, and I loved experimenting with more colour than I normally use.


The next one is a classic example of when I’m commissioned to draw an in-joke I don’t fully understand. Apparently the bride unintentionally gave a really harsh glare to her sister when they were signing the marriage documents… or something… and it was remembered as a moment of great hilarity. So the bride hired me to draw this for her sister to commemorate it. I made sure to check I was on the right track, and I’d got the expressions right, before adding any ink to this one!


The next picture actually features me – a friend kindly commissioned me to draw a memory of the two of us together, so I drew us at one of the Jam Sandwich gigs we went to before the pandemic.


A Christmas portrait: Hugo, in front of a house and a car that he loves!

And here it is in its frame, to give you some idea of what it looks like in real life.


Once again, I won’t pretend to fully understand what’s going on here… other than some father-daughter bonding, commissioned by the daughter as a gift for her dad.


And here’s a full family portrait! Commissioned by Fabia (far left) for her dad (EU t-shirt). Some references you’ll get, some you won’t!


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If you want to hire me to gift a framed cartoon, please just get in touch! Tell me who I should draw; think of a funny memory or something they love; and I’ll do the rest…

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